Redcrane®, Lifting Experts

Redcrane® is a machinery and equipment company that has several experience in the international construction market. The main feature that makes something special to this company is its proffesional team, experts in lifting equipment. The main products of the company are cranes (Tower cranes, Luffing cranes and Self erecting cranes), hoists for material and personnel and working platforms.

Redcrane® Manufacturing Division

SPAIN Manufacturing Division

Redcrane® now manufacture elements and spare parts for Tower cranes from Spain through our Spain Manufacturing Division

CHINA Manufacturing Division

From China we are currently developing a new line of tower cranes for commercialization soon.

Main products

Cranes of freestanding height for small height constructions. This cranes not require anchor to the building.

Motorized hoists (lifters) for vertical work on facades of buildings, rehabilitation or repair abroad.

Powerful cranes characterized by not having the head of the crane protruding horizontal part and not need straps or jib ties.

Linden Comansa is one of the leading manufacturers of tower cranes and luffing jib cranes in the world. It has a full range of products, designed under the Flat-Top modular system, and the latest technological advances.

Redcrane® around the world

Redcrane® a company expert in tower cranes and construction machinery has presence in over 40 countries throughout the world mainly because of its good work and professionalism. We have established divisions in areas with strong grow and we are constantly seeking new international markets where increase and strengthen our presence.

We currently have divisions in:

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In Redcrane® we work with the best manufacturers in the market. In this way we can offer a high quality product always endorsed and certified by the same manufacturer. Among the main brands we work with they are usually more indicated below. Anyway, do not hesitate to ask for any brand or manufacturer.