Self Erecting Cranes

The self erecting crane has a very specific use, low building height or to help the initial assembly of a tower crane, normally not more than 40 meters and load ranges of not more than 4,000 kgs. The ease and speed of assembly of this type of crane, coupled with the possibility of incorporating a wheel train, make the self erecting crane the perfect machinery for agile and quick construction. There are now many models of erecting crane and mainly good choice of a crane of this type passing through its height. From 18m to 24m they are most commonly used by manufacturers ranges.

Although the variation in self erecting cranes feathers does not vary much, your choice is just as important. It is necessary to assess the type of construction to make or use that is going to take before buying your crane brand whatever. Foremost among our models available, ranging from self erecting cranes 24 meters, 28 meters and 32 meters boom. In addition the hydraulic system can expand and collapse the pen quickly and efficiently for assembly or disassembly.

One of the highlights of self erecting crane is its ease of movement within the same work. Thanks to the additional incorporation of a wheel train with two axes can be moved quickly between different points in the workflow. If the self-erecting crane has a wheel train for his studied design it allows easy transport between different works gondola, a type of truck ready for taller vehicles.

As in the tower crane, depending on the self erecting crane model the maximum peak loads may vary. Peak load ranges ranging from 1,500 kgs. to 4,000 kgs. and peak loads can be between 700 kgs. and 1,100 kgs. This type of crane is used for lifting, assembly and disassembly of the first sections of some tower crane, why does not usually have large peak loads. For higher tonnages, one must resort to mobile cranes.

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